Article 1 : Constitution and denomination

It is founded between the members with the present statutes an association governed by the French law 1901, having for title: Association for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization. In summary ASMDO.



Article 2 : Goals

The purposes of this association are:

1.     The promotion, the development of all the applicability fields related to simulation, modelling and optimization.

2.     The collaboration between persons or entities, organization or institution having an activity related to the above fields .

3.     The organization of meetings, conferences, workshop, national and international congresses.

4.     The implementation in general of any means concerning directly or indirectly the above-mentioned activities.

Article 3 : Office

The registered office is fixed at:

FEMTO-ST Institute - Dept. LMARC

24, rue de l’Epitaphe,

25000 Besançon, France

It could be transferred at any moment and in any place by simple resolution of the Executive Committee.

Article 4 : Composition of the association

The association is composed of members who are: either physical or moral persons legally made up. These members can be either founder members, active, or benefactors.

1.     Those are active members which are up to date of their annual contribution.

2.     The founder members (3 persons) are permanent members of the Executive Committee. They have the same capacity of vote as the active members.

3.     The honorary members are exempted of their annual contribution but also have a capacity of vote.

4.     The honorary members and benefactors are elected only on a proposal by the president and acceptance by the Executive Committee.

Article 5 : Admission after adhesion

The requests for adhesion are addressed to the president of the association. They imply the acceptance of these statutes and the payment of the contributions. All the requests must be recommended by 2 members of the association before being addressed to the president of the association.

Article 6 : Loss of the membership

The membership is lost by:

1.     Resignation or no renewal of the contribution,

2.     Death,

3.     Radiation pronounced by the Executive Committee, on serious grounds, the interested party having been invited to take advantage of its rights to defence.

Article 7 : Resources of the association

The annual receipts of the association are composed of :

1.     Contributions and subscriptions of its members,

2.     Subsidies from State, departments, communes and public institutions,

3.     Proceed of the remunerations perceived for service rendered within the framework of its activities,

4.     Donations and any other resource which does not go against regulations or legislative texts.

Article 8 : The Executive Committee

1.Association is directed by the Executive Committee which is composed of between 7 and 19 members.

2.The non-permanent members are elected with secret vote, during a general assembly for 4 years. The members are re-eligible 3 times.

3.Each member of the Executive Committee who is present during the assembly for the election of the president can not hold more than 2 powers.

4.The executive committee chooses among its members :

1.     one president,

2.     vice-presidents ,

3.     treasurer,

4.     assistant treasurer ,

5.     secretary general,

6.     assistant secretary general.

Article 9 - The Executive Committee Meeting

1.The executive committee meets at least once every 2 years on convocation of the president, or of the quarter of the members of the committee. The decisions are made in the majority of the votes. The president has a casting vote.

2.The meeting can be done by video conference on request of the president, or of the quarter of the members of the committee.

3.The presence of half of the Committee members present or represented is necessary for the validity of the deliberations. If after two convocations, the quota of representation is still not reached, the president can decide on the validity of the deliberation.

4.An administrator missing three consecutive times without excuse loses his quality of re-eligible administrator, his appointment is provided by an election during the next general assembly.

5.After the meetings an official report must be send to all the members.

Article 10 – Commission and Sections

To carry his objectives through, the President can constitute within the association some commissions, divisions and workshops on the executive committee's advice. To develop local activities, in conformity with the goals of the Association, regional sections in France and abroad can be authorized by the committee which fix the rules of the organization and the operation. These entities will name a representative who could sit at the Committee with the invitation of the Committee.

Article 11 : - Remuneration

The members of the Executive Committee are entitled to the reimbursement of their expenses with receipts or documents in proof. Their functions are voluntary and do not perceive any remuneration.

Article 12 : The General Assembly

1.     The General Assembly meets at least once every 4 years and includes all the members of the association up to date of their contributions.

2.     The convocation for the General Assembly is done either by postal mail or by Email, at least 30 days before the fixed date. The agenda is registered on the convocations.

3.     Each member present cannot hold more than 5 powers.

4.     The general assembly, after having deliberated, comes to a conclusion on the moral relations or reports and on the accounts of the financial year. She deliberates on the future orientations.

5.     The decisions of the assembly are made in the simple majority of the members present or represented.

6.     To elect the members of the Executive Committee, votes can be done by correspondence or Email. The mail or the Email must arrive at the office of the association 10 days before the meeting.

Article 13 : The extraordinary general assembly

1.     If needed, the president or half of the registered members, can convene an extraordinary general assembly, in particular for a modification of the statutes.

2.     The extraordinary general assembly, decides on the modification of the statutes, the dissolution of association, the resignation of the Executive Committee.

3.     The methods of convocation are identical to the ordinary general assembly.

4.     Concerning the validity of the votes, it is necessary to obtain a quorum of at least half of the members present or represented.

5.     If the quorum is not reached, a new assembly is convened at least 15 days interval, and in this case the deliberation is valid.

6.     In all the cases, the decisions are made in the majority of two thirds of the members present or represented.

Article 14 : Rules and procedures

1.The executive committee can establish rules of procedure which will be submitted for approval during the general assembly. It is imposed on all the members of the association.

2.This possible procedure is intended to fix the various points not envisaged by the statutes.

Article 15 : Dissolution

In the event of dissolution, the general assembly appoints one or more commissioners, in charge of the liquidation of the goods of the association. She allows the credit net to one or more similar, public or recognized as public utility establishments.